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Why I Started Pieces Together Family Foundation

Being a parent can come with challenges, being a parent of a special needs child is a whole other beast in its own. I was 21 when I had my son. Young vibrate and ready take motherhood on by storm. As my son got a little older, I started noticing changes in him. He became withdrawn. Wouldn't make eye contact. Wasn't speaking much. That maternal instinct immediately kicked in. My mother suggested that I get him assessed. At the age of 4, my son Jordyn was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Specific Learning Disability and ADHD (whew chile!). I was totally knocked down. How am I going to navigate with a special needs child? Was this my fault? What did I do wrong when I was pregnant? Those thoughts plus more were running through my head. I was the only one within my friendship circle that had a child, let alone a special needs child. The only person who I thought I could identify with (his father) I was at odds with. I felt alone. Where do I go for community? I began working in special education and found that there's so many other parents like myself. I bounced the idea of starting a support group for parents like myself. I had to think bigger. What about a non-profit that focused on building not just community but family. After years of being nervous and scared, I FINALLY got the courage to start Pieces Together Family Foundation. PTFF is here to provide community, family, advocacy for those parents who feel alone, who want others to know they're not alone, or to simply support those on the Autism spectrum. I am a firm believer in the old attage "It takes a village". Pieces Together is here to be that village.

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